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Here's a video of just the PULLEY interview if you want to check that out instead of the whole show (we won't judge)

The Grind revs up with Volume 108 featuring interviews with Pulley & Forus!

Pulley are getting set to release their new 3-song EP "The Long And The Short Of It" and we couldn't be more excited. Through the powers of telephone conferencing, we recently chatted with Tyler and Mike about the EP, plans for working on a full-length this winter, aligning schedules for tour and a bunch more. Also on the line was Head Chef An...dy from When's Lunch Records who will be releasing the 7" in conjunction with Pulley's own X-Members Records.
We'll also be debuting a brand new song and Andy reveals some pressing info previously under kept wraps.
You can pre-order The Long And The Short Of It through Interpunk:
http://interpunk.com/searc h.cfm?what=2&searchfor=Whe ns+Lunch&

also available for pre-order now on Shop Radio Cast, itunes, Amazon and Punk'n'Junk.

Also, Marcus recently caught up with Manux from FORUS and Feuzeul Booking. These Frenchmen are getting attention from punk rockers all around the world and they are just getting started. Keep a watchful eye on these boys...

During the interview, many topics are discussed such as FORUS being full steam ahead as a band, their collaboration with Fab & Effervescence Records, touring Russia, and the dedication and passion from Manux in helping bands with Feuzeul Booking.

https://www.facebook.com/p ages/FORUS/33762574191
https://www.facebook.com/p rofile.php?id=100000699052 221 (Feuzeul)

In terms of "From the Mailbox" acts we have:

- Crossfire Collision: Cape Town, South Africa
Brand new melodic punk rock band featuring members of A B Turbo. They have just released a 5 song EP and it's available for free download on their FB page.
https://www.facebook.com/c rossfirecollision
http://www.mediafire.com/? knhtidldppoxar1 (5 song EP)

- Lowprofle: Durban, South Africa
Heartfelt and honest, full-blast melodic punk rock with a side of ska. Features Juan from Decay Clothing so this band is stylin' and profilin'!
https://www.facebook.com/l owprofilesa
https://www.facebook.com/p ages/Decay-Clothing/155170 157859641


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