Vol CXI - Living With Lions, Junior Battles & Spy 66



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Original Air Date: July 29, 2011

In this show we've got 3 interviews with 3 wicked Canadian bands from different parts of this great country:

Living With Lions (Vancouver), Junior Battles (Toronto) & Spy 66 (Calgary/Saskatoon-ish)

>>Stacey caught up with our bros in Living With Lions to ninja herself the last VINYL Factor copy of their "Holy Shit" with the infamous and controversy causing "FACTOR" logo on it. An artist loan approved by the Canadian government for a band's album that mocks Jesus and the bible? Oh My!

Anyways, Stacey also talked with the guys to see how things are going now that some time has passed since the incident plastered their name on more mainstream news sources than a PR agent could dream of. Now that hindsight is a little more in focus, we find out their thoughts on the incident, among other things.

www.facebook.com/livingwit ​hlions

>>While partying it up on his last night in Quebec City for the Festival D'ete, Chris found himself in a hotel room bathroom with Sam (Singer/Guitarist) from Junior Battles. Whaaat? oh, apparently it was the quietest place in the suite to do an interview, and still close to the beers.

Chris & Sam discuss their new album 'Idle Ages', and the fact that it's being released through Paper + Plastick in the States. The pressures of being in a touring band, visiting the same scenes during ebbs and flows, and of course the cool places you end up playing, where sometimes it turns into a demolition party!

www.facebook.com/juniorbat ​tles

>>Last weekend Chris headed to Saskatoon to catch Spy 66 in one of their first shows in 11 years.

July 23, 2011, the remaining original members of Spy 66 took to the stage at The Odeon in Saskatoon to shred once again for their many fans, and to pay tribute to a fallen brother. Their show was 11 years to the day of a tragic touring accident which claimed the life of original Guitarist Jason Keller.

Spy 66 was one of Canada's fastest up and coming metal/punk acts of the late 90's, headlining dates on the 2000 Warped Tour alongside bands such as Anti-Flag, Green Day and NOFX. Spy 66 had also recently completed a cross-Canadian tour with the U.K. Subs and were planning European dates for the fall and further world domination before the accident.

Chris talks to guitarist Beau and singer/frontman Acey about the incident, getting back into it, and plans for the future.

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