The Grind Vol CXVIII - Today I Caught The Plague, Samuel Caldwell's Revenge, Lead up to Burly Calling V Festival & More


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Original Air Date: December 9, 2011

We've got 3 interviews for you in this one, some music debuts, and a lot of great stuff in our From The MailBox artist features as well!

First up, Marcus has a chat with Dave Journeaux, lead vocalist for Ottawa progressive metal-heads Today I Caught The Plague to discuss what it takes to keep the passion afire as a band, importance of having a vision, expanding to international markets, as well as not writing towards a certain musical genre. They're also joining up with the Bearded and Bald Tour with the legendary Devin Townsend project for dates in Ontario and Montreal.
Today I Caught The Plague on Facebook

Chris catches up with Shaun Colón from Denton Texas' punk rockers Samuel Caldwell's Revenge to find out what's new with them, as well as with their micro-lable Dang!Records. We'll also be debuting a brand new track from them called "This is no Velvet Revolution"
SamuelCaldwellsRevenge on Facebook

Also we talk to Ben Rispin, vocalist of Saint Alvia, and man behind the Burly Calling Music Festival in Brampton, Ontairo, in it's 5th year this year. Burly Calling V features artists such as The Flatliners, The Creepshow, The Artist Life, The Lucky Ones, The Snips, The Video Dead, as well as a bunch of bands that don't start out with "The" like Bat Sabbath (Cancer Bat's Black Sabbath cover band) and the highly anticipated reunion show of Jersey (featuring members who have gone on to play in Alexisonfire, Saint Alvia, The Creepshow, Cunter & The Artist Life among other things)
Burly Calling - Brampton Ontario - Dec 16-18th, 2011
Burly Calling Facebook Page
Burly Calling Facebook Event

In our From The Mailbox features, we'll be hearing from:

-> The Shell Corporation
Punk Rock from LA, California featuring ex members of Time Again, The Briggs and A Wilhelm Scream.

-> Money Left To Burn
Skate punk from Nuremberg, Germany, a fairly new collective featuring members from various great German bands

-> Almeida
Progressive thrash/melodic hardcore from the UK - they've just released their first full length "Fantastic Massacre" and we'll be spinning some tracks from that for you.
Almeida on Bigcartel

-> Wake The Dead
Hardcore punk from France with one album under their sleeves, out since Feb. 2011. Highly influenced by Comeback Kid and Strike Anywhere.
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1hr 50mins
Interviewed Artist ID's / Show Intro

FTMB Segment
Wake The Dead (Marseille, France)
- From Love To Hate - (The Things We Can't Forget '11)

- Playing Suicide - (The Things We Can't Forget '11)

- Still Alive - (The Things We Can't Forget '11)

Today I Caught The Plague Interview Segment

- The Consequence Of Fratricide - (Lore '11)

TICTP Interview Seg #1

- Tempting Haiwa - (Lore '11)

TICTP Interview Seg #2

- From Bulwark To Bane - (Lore '11)

TICTP Interview Seg #3

- Irradiant Dawn - (Lore '11)

FTMB Segment
Almeida (UK)
- Lifeboats - (Fantastic Massacre '11)

- Jury And The Executioner - (Fantastic Massacre '11)

- Occam's Razor - (Fantastic Massacre '11)

FTMB Segment
The Shell Corporation
- What If - (Force Majeure '11)

- Bread and Circuses - (Force Majeure '11)

- Ozymandias - (Force Majeure '11)

Samuel Caldwell's Revenge Interview Segment
The Agents of Intolerance - (Wyld Stallyns Split EP '10)

SCR Interview Seg #1

- This Is No Velvet Revolution (Previously Unreleased)

SCR Interview Seg #2

Perdition - I Saved A Bullet For You - (No Backup Plan Split EP '11)

SCR Interview Seg #3

- Inside Every Cynic There's A Disappointed Idealist - (No Backup Plan Split EP '11)

FTMB Segment
Money Left To Burn (Nuremberg, Germany)
- Feeding The Machine - (Sucker EP '11)

- Tomorrow Not Today - (Sucker EP '11)

- Rebellion In Minor - (Sucker EP '11)

Burly Calling Interview Segment with Benjamin Rispin (Saint Alvia / The Video Dead)
Saint Alvia - Walk Before You Run DMC - (Between The Lines '08)

Burly Calling Interview Seg #1

Jersey - Down Time - (Definition '02)

Burly Calling Interview Seg #2

The Flatliners - Sleep Your Life Away - (Cavalcade '10)